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November Writing the Word

Posted in Writing Scripture, Writing the Word
on October 31, 2017

Are you reading to jump into November writing the Word? If so, read below!


November Writing the Word | The Pineapple Porch


November Writing the Word 2017

How is this already November writing the Word?! I think I say this every month but, YALL, where has the time gone? We are barrelling towards the end of 2017 at lightning speed, but the beautiful thing is, we are taking Scripture with us daily! This month marks 22 months of writing the Word! How incredible! Whether you started writing with us back in February 2016, or this is your first month ever, please just know we love having you apart of this Scripture-writing journey!

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A Prayer of Thanks

Posted in danielle, Faith, thanksgiving
on November 24, 2015
A Thanksgiving Prayer | The Pineapple Porch
Thanksgiving Prayer | The Pineapple Porch

“Let us come before him with thanksgiving. Let us sing psalms of praise to him. For the LORD is a great God, a great King above all gods.” Psalm 95:2-3

Jesus, how you give to us! Thank you for your salvation. Thank you that in you is all the hope, peace, and joy that we will ever need. In you we find life abundant. Thank you that you never leave us or forsake us, and we do not have to walk through this life alone (Deuteronomy 31:6). Jesus, you are so great. You have given us so much more than we could ever even fathom to ask for. Each day you shower blessings anew as if we deserve them. You pour gifts all around us, many that we don’t even realize. Your blessings are so rich! Who are we that you would give so lavishly to us? Shouldn’t we be spending our lives to give to You? May we do so, Lord. Let it be our honor and pleasure to serve You wholeheartedly all our lives.
Jesus, as this time of year naturally lends itself to giving thanks, let us remember where every good and perfect gift comes from (James 1:17). Help us to see your continual outpouring of blessings in our lives and let us remember to thank You for them. Lead us to give to others, just as you have given to us. As our families gather around the table, as we cook and prepare, and as we share meals and time with others, let us always remember to honor you first. Jesus, make our days all about you. Let our friends and family feel your presence in our homes. Thursday doesn’t have to be all about the food, the shopping, or just getting everything done – it can be a day of worship to You and an opportunities to love others hard. Help us to do so. Thank you for eternity, Jesus, though it will still be too short to praise You for what You have done and who You are. Help us to live in the joy of knowing you are exceedingly more than we could ever need or ask for. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.
Thank you for joining along in our Thanksgiving prayer! May our hearts be positioned in gratefulness, not just in this season of Thanksgiving, but every single day. We have so much to be thankful for!
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Grab a Good Book: Thanksgiving Study

Posted in danielle, good reads, thanksgiving
on November 5, 2015
Thanksgiving Study Book | The Pineapple Porch


“Our world reels unless we rejoice. A song of thanks steadies everything. The answer to anxiety is the adoration of Christ.” Ann Voskamp
I think it is safe to say we all LOVE the holiday season. Everyone seems to get a little more joyful once November rolls around. I have found one of the best ways to get the most out of the holidays is to do a Bible study relating to it. Since the Thanksgiving holiday and the focus on gratitude go hand-in-hand, I wanted to recommend one of my all-time favorite reads relating to thankfulness and joy. What’s interesting about this book is that it doesn’t reference Thanksgiving at all. This is because it’s written with the purpose of inspiring a lifestyle of gratefulness. We are called to be thankful people (1 Thessalonians 5:18) regardless of what day it is or what holiday is coming up. However, what better time to learn about the importance of a grateful heart than this time of year?
One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp revolutionized the way I think about my life, my situations, and my attitude towards all things. I promise you will not regret this read – this book is incredible.
To buy the book, click here or try the devotional format here (I’ve done both and recommend both)!
Have you read this book? I would love to hear some of your favorite truths from One Thousand Gifts below!

Thanksgiving Study Book: One Thousand Gifts

Thanksgiving Study Book Signature | The Pineapple Porch
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