Failing the Faithful One Devotional – #mondaymotivation

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on October 9, 2017

Failing Faithfulness Devotional | The Pineapple Porch


“For when we are faithless, he remains faithful, for he cannot deny himself.” 2 Timothy 2:13


Have you ever been afraid to let God down? Sometimes I lay awake at night recounting the ways I failed Him throughout the day. As I struggle to wrap my mind around God’s constant faithfulness, I wonder if He gets fed up with me and my continual defeat over something He has walked me through a thousand times.  Although God has found me faithless more than I would like to admit, He has always maintained his end of the deal. Each time I come to Him with repentance, He meets me with mercy and teaches me.


If there was someone who had intense faith, it was good ol’ Father Abraham. Just ask the author of Hebrews 11:8 who wrote, “By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out to a place that he was to receive as an inheritance. And he went out, not knowing where he was going.” Not only do we admire Abraham for his blind faith as he traveled, but also in his willingness to sacrifice His promised son, Isaac. Abraham had experienced the faithfulness of God’s promise, and he knew, “God would provide,” (Gen. 22:8a, ESV).

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Free and Cheap Fall Activities

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on October 6, 2017

Free Cheap Fall Activities | The Pineapple Porch


It’s fall, yall!  The weather is beautiful, the scenery is gorgeous and there are so many things to do. With my schedule busy and my favorite season in full force, I love to put together a seasonal bucket list. Not only does a fall bucket list help me compile what I want to be intentional about this season, but it also helps me decide how to rest, how to spend time with loved ones, how to make the most of this God-given season, and how to personally reach out to others who may need some encouragement. So, I’ve got some free (or cheap) ideas and ways to make the most of the season, spend time having fun with family, or loving on others around us!


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Enjoy Your Season – #mondaymotivation Devotional

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on October 2, 2017

Enjoy Your Season Devotional | The Pineapple Porch


Enjoy Your Season: Why We Shouldn’t Wish Away where We are Right Now


I hate being cold, so it’s pretty understandable that my least favorite season is winter. I am a summertime girl to the core. Give me water and sun and I am forever a happy camper… or so I thought.


It was in the middle of the winter when my husband and I committed to move to a tropical island in the middle of the Caribbean. I looked forward to endless summer, a constant tan, and a never-ending supply of fresh ocean water if I got too hot. I was pumped. Once September rolled around in the islands though, the never-satisfied human that I am, missed fall. I craved the crisp air, a cozy rainy day, and crunchy leaves under my favorite boots. I couldn’t believe it but I actually missed the seasons. I wanted the cold.

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October Writing the Word: The Book of Jonah

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on September 28, 2017

Writing the Book of Jonah | The Pineapple Porch


Hi there, neighbors! Welcome back to The Pineapple Porch! We are so excited to bring you another great month of Writing the Word! This month we are writing the book of Jonah, and although many people see this mostly as the story of “Jonah and the big fish”, if you look a little deeper you will see a common theme and multiple examples of the incredibly merciful and patient heart of God. So as we walk slowly through this book of the Bible, be on the lookout for how many times God brought others to himself and spared his wayward children – it is truly beautiful.


Also, if you would like to go a little deeper (we couldn’t help the pun) while you’re writing, we highly recommend pairing Priscilla Shirer’s Jonah Bible study or book. You will absolutely love it!


Thank you for joining us on another writing journey! Don’t forget to comment below and let us know if you are writing along with us!

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Hope Renewed – #mondaymotivation Devotional

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on September 24, 2017

Hope Renewed Devotional | The Pineapple Porch


Please take a moment to read Acts 12:1-19.


“But while Peter was in prison, the church prayed very earnestly for him.” Acts 12:5 


Rhoda rose to answer the knock on the outside gate of the house. She had been in a prayer meeting along with her master and many others. With the news that their leader, Peter, had been thrown into jail, they knew his death was imminent. Rhoda asked who was at the door, and was astonished to hear Peter’s voice! Herod’s track record of persecuting Christians was what seemed to be an inescapable reality. There was no way she heard Peter’s voice, he was most likely dead, but she knew that voice…it was Peter. Rhoda rushed back into the house to inform the others, leaving Peter standing outside. As she explained who had arrived, no one believed her and came to the conclusion that it must be his angel. Peter kept knocking at the door, and finally, they opened the door and saw for themselves. It truly was Peter! An angel of the Lord had led him out of jail, and Peter was alive and free!

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#firstworldproblems #arentrealproblems – #mondaymotivation Devotional

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on September 18, 2017

Problems and Joy Devotional |The Pineapple Porch


Monday Motivation – Joy Devotional.


First world problems aren’t really problems.


I am in the middle of a major #firstworldproblem. My husband and I have moved into a new house, and we have been waiting almost a week to get internet installed. Truthfully, I’ve barely been able to handle it. (How long do these people expect me to live without Netflix?) I am aware of the fact that I am completely ridiculous, but I bet you’ve been there too.

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Fall 2017 Worship Playlist

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on September 16, 2017

Fall Worship Playlist | The Pineapple Porch


Who doesn’t love a good worship playlist? You may have heard some of these songs before or they may be brand new to you, but either way, my prayer is that these words will fall afresh on your heart as you sing them to Your Savior. Playlists like this provide a great outlet for thanks when I am having a good day, and on the bad days, they give me a good heart-check when my attitude may be off.


I love to play worship music softly in my time with the Lord in the mornings, but I also love blasting it out as I do everyday tasks like cooking dinner, driving or cleaning the house – it turns the mundane into the sacred as our minds turn from the things of today into the things that are above (Colossians 3:2). 


Check out our playlist on Spotify by clicking here! We hope you enjoy it!


What are your favorite worship songs at the moment? Leave a comment below so maybe we can include it in our next playlist!


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Helping Houston

Posted in Faith
on September 5, 2017

Helping Houston - ways to donate and pray | The Pineapple Porch


“When God’s people are in need, be ready to help them. Always be eager to practice hospitality.” Romans 12:13

It is hard to believe that Hurricane Harvey made landfall over a week ago. As much help as we have seen, there is still so much more to do. If you have not yet given to Houston, please consider doing so. Today we included some trustworthy ways to give, donate and volunteer to the relief efforts for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Also included below are ways to pray today and for many months to come. There’s a long way to go but our God is faithful and present, and His Church is on the move.

“Do not withhold good from those who deserve it when it’s in your power to help them.” Proverbs 3:27

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